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About Cairn Communication and Consulting

Rebecca Kosko has more than 25 years of experience to support you and your business in successfully negotiating compliance, regulatory, and solution needs. Services range from one on one assistance or education, analysis of a problematic area, group education presentations, or tailored management for all your needs.

CNA/CEU Class Schedule 2023

January 8th: Documentation, Standard Precautions, Oral Hygiene, Incontinence and Skin Care, Infection Control and C-Diff, Bed Mobility and Side Rails, Intake and Output, HIPAA

March 5th: Oxygen Use and Safety, Resident Rights, Falls, Fires, and Other Hazards, Effective Communication with Caregivers, Ostomy Care, Care of Patient Tubing: Gastric and Oxygen, Elopement Prevention, Professionalism

May 7th:  Advanced Directives, Skin Integrity, Dementia / Memory Care, Hazards and Material Safety Data Sheets, Bathing, Nutrition, Elimination Needs and Care, Customer Service and Listening Skills

July 9th: Ambulation and Gait Belt, Death and Dying, Prosthetic Care and Wear, Body Mechanics,  Weights and Measurements, Stroke Care, Transferring a Patient / Resident, Diabetic Foot Care

September 3rd: Depression and Isolation, Vital Signs- Temperature, Pulse, Respirations, and Blood Pressure, Care of a Patient with Heart Failure, Cultural Competencies, Adaptive Equipment, Ethical Dilemmas, Care for a Patient with Neurological Disorders, Abuse: Recognition, Reporting, and Prevention

November 5th: Care for a Patient with Pulmonary Diagnoses, Range of Motion, Care for a Patient with Special Needs / Disabilities, Dressing a Patient; including Elastic Stockings, Skin are and Decubitus Ulcers, Bed Making, Feeding Techniques, Care for a Patient with a Mental Health or Behavioral Diagnosis

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