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An Idea is Born

A few years ago we believed that healthcare needed to share their knowledge to strengthen each individual, thereby fortify the entire system. This is based upon Cairns- a rock structure that points the way for a traveler. Cairn Communication and Consulting uses this philosophy to share and empower all of healthcare. We are here to serve and support you in your Healthcare Education and Solutions needs.​


"CCC is an agency that knows the industry better than anyone. On more than one occasion their insight and consulting has helped us avoid financial penalty, unwanted ADRs and early surprise survey visits. CCC is knowledgeable and full of integrity; when it digs into the processes and minutia of our agency we are able to maneuver around previously unforeseen problems. Prevention and correction is the name of the game for CCC, a true business lifesaver! Thank you CCC."

Aaron Earnest


One Care Home Health & Hospice


"Those of you who already know Rebecca Kosko know she is a dedicated worker with a genuine motivation to solve issues and work cohesively with those of differing opinions. For those of you who have not met her, she is one of the most articulate, educated, energetic, honest, and tireless people I know. Her ability to swiftly identify and assimilate complex health care and operational issues, as well as to intervene, identify and remove barriers is a skill that has been honed to near perfection. I have been blessed to be in the medical field for well over 40 years and can honestly say Rebecca is truly unique in her extensive medical, clinical, executive and administrative skill sets. She is an inspiration and a wonderful example for those of us who strive to do our best for our agency, our partners and our patients,"

Deborah Bird RN MSN PHN CCM CHPN DSD CPDM  ABDA (fellow)


"Rebecca Kosko came to our agency in a time of great change.  Her expertise in home care regulations and Kinnser software has been invaluable to us during our transition.  She was able to look at the structure of the staff and make several recommendations to better utilize skill sets and time.  She was also able to jump into any position to get clean up work done very quickly for areas that were behind.  Her suggestions helped us restructure and her expertise in home care helped us get caught up to where we needed to be."

Julianne Dougherty, RN, Quality Assurance



Square Credit Card Services:

(Environment, Other, Professionalism, Quality, Timeliness)

"Rebecca was a joy to have as a teacher."

"Rebecca you are awesome. Not only are you kind and funny, but you have an amazing heart and you make learning fun. Thank you :) I look forward to working with you again." Amanda@mandersj5 @Twitter

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  • Love your classes, well put together and always organized.
  • Thank you for your education.
  • Great Class!
  • You are amazing!
  • Good class.

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